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Captains Of Middle Earth was brought to life on April-1st-2009,  on the Vilya Server.

We at Captains aka {CoMe} take pride in our social community..
Our ages range. We enjoy learning new things about the game together, grouping up in fellowships and sometimes raiding though its not our main focus. .  We welcome all Classes levels and races . and all ages welcome.. please feel free to leave a shout out.. when Vilya closed and they condensed the servers , We  moved to the Landroval server.. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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re: Notes on Helegrod Dragon Wing


Reminder for those who weren't on - check your instance join panel to see if Dragon Wing is available, and/or check your completed Shadows of Angmar instance deeds to see if Gate to Thorog is complete.

Lotro-wiki suggests that the trick to keeping track of the real Drugoth is to mouse over him and hit 'H' at the start of the fight. This tooltip will then select the real Drugoth throughout the fight. Those who did endless Foundry runs at 75 will recognize this procedure; also works very well for the final boss fights in OE and HV. Any time you need to track and shift between multiple bosses, basically.

Given the ability to identify clone Drugoths as such, as the wiki points out they're easier to deal with, either by cc or one of the tanks grabbing them and kiting around or moving them off to the side. Sounds like we were getting a cascade of Drugoths (clones of clones) if the dps was going aoe on all of them...

I'm not 100% sure that this would work since the wiki also talks about Coldbear, and I don't think that's still in Helegrod. Maybe this advice is also out of date. But certainly worth a try.

From a minstrel's perspective, I might also suggest that champs, captains, and burglars do whatever they can to pump up their tactical mitigations (guardians and wardens seem to cap all their mits just by existing, so don't have anything to worry about in this respect). My combat log suggested that the Drugoths big hits tended to be Shadow damage. And inspecting the inspectable melee characters indicated that their virtues were as offensively focused as can be (discipline, fortitude, valour), with maybe fidelity if anything for tac mits. Tolerance and Honour might be worthwhile switches. Songar already traits for mitigations, but if he ever does Thorog I intend to focus on tac mits when the time comes.

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re: great help tonight thanks


thanks , helped the whole group tonight. a new thing  and it worked. Hugs ,


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re: :D


Thank you so much for posting this info!  While you could not attend, you helped us all!

I had never heard of this "H" tip, and many other seasoned players had not either!  It really helped!

Hope you can attend tonight :)

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